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New Arrivals - Fresh Premium Teas

Ming Qian Green

Ming Qian Green  明前綠

Also called Ming Qian Treasures, this term is used in tea industry in describing the first flush of the Spring Harvest before the rainy season starts.  Considered the finest and most delicate teas. 

Lion Mountain Long Jing  獅峰龍井 - the four beauties that are always present in the most famous teas in China, bright colour, nutty aroma, mellow taste, beautiful and uniform shape.   Highly recommended for the season!
Mei Jia Wu Long Jing  梅家塢龍井 - one of China’s top ten teas.  Single bud with single leaf in each piece clearly reveals it is the top of the line in this tea.   The aroma is superb, color jade green.  The sweetness and freshness makes it unique.

Pi Lo Chun Green Tea  碧螺春 - the best grown in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.  It carries a unique fragrance of flowers, taste is refreshing and sweet, and leaves are very fine, delicate and curled to a spiral.  Don’t miss this tea.
Jin Jun Mei Premium Black Tea  金駿眉 - from Wuyi Mountain, this is the first flush for the Spring.  Naturally sweet, fruity and chocolaty like lingering taste.  Beautiful delicate leaves that have two fine shoots each stem, the finer the shoot the more precious it is.  Top shelf.

Treasure Green Welcome to

TREASURE GREEN Tea Company 妙品馨茶莊

Premium Chinese Tea Store in Vancouver's Chinatown

We invite you to a try our large selection of traditional and rare Chinese tea.  Our products are gathered from various parts of Asia and each product is distinctive and unique.  

Chinese tea origins date back from many dynasties ago as it became popular in giving people a rejuvenating and refreshing sense of well-being.  We guarantee the premium quality and freshness of our tea with monthly arrivals by courier.  

Our selection of over 120 premium Chinese teas include Organic Teas, Green Tea, Iron Buddha Tea, Jasmine Tea,  Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea & Tea Cakes, White Tea, Black Tea, and more.

TREASURE GREEN Tea Company celebrated our 30th Anniversary 1981-2011.  Our business success is celebrating with our good clients and friends for the over thirty years.  Thank You

Give the gift of Tea!  Four premium teas recommended by our loyal customers, carefully selected for tea lovers or tea lovers to be. This collection includes 

  • Dragon Ball Jasmine (Special Grade), 
  • Iron Buddha (Oolong Tea), 
  • Organic Grassy Tips (Green Tea) and 
  • Yunnan Imperial Golden Bud (Black Tea).

Elegantly presented, individually vacuum-sealed portions, in our Treasure Green Tea Tin.  Brewing instructions for each tea included, definitely a trendy gift.

Looking for Gift Ideas!

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  • Oolong
  • Organic Teas
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